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Rahul Gandhi to address gathering on Artifical Intelligence in Silicon Valley!

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is headed to the United States where he is likely to address a gathering on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the science of making machines that think like humans.

Gandhi, who recently returned from Norway, is gearing up for another offshore visit, this time to the Silicon Valley in the US to "expand his thoughts about artificial intelligence", party sources here said. Apparently sources stated that Gandhi wants India to lead in the niche area which comes after software development, in which India has already won global recognition.

While AI is still a nascent subject to most in India, many countries including China have begun investments in the area to strengthen research in it.

A senior Congress leader said the idea was to bring back knowledge and implement it at the policy level in the Congress party's vision documents.


The Congress VP had met leaders in the field of biotechnology during his Norway visit. He is currently grappling with the party's sliding electoral graph after a series of defeats.


Image and News Source  - PTI



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